Why Do You Need Commercial Locksmith Services?

In addition to our automotive, residential, and emergency services, at Masterkey Locksmith we equally excel at commercial locksmith services. Just like our homes or cars, most modern-day office buildings require locksmith services from time-to-time. Offering a wide range of commercial locksmith services within the Pittsburgh, PA area. When you search “locksmith near me”, you’ll understand why we are top ranked!

There are numerous reasons why your commercial building will need a locksmith. Whether it’s lock deterioration, upgrading security access, or updating your technology, we are the experts! We have professional teams of licensed locksmiths. Our team can handle all types of key making, repairs, re-production, or commercial key duplications. Commercial spaces are using many advanced kinds of key technology and systems. Without proper training, it is not possible to handle these key solutions on your own. But have no fear, Masterkey Locksmith technicians provide the best solutions within the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Commercial Lockouts

Often, commercial locks can be high-tech with complex security systems making it difficult to remake or recreate commercial keys. However, our trained locksmith technicians have significant experience dealing with all types of commercial security system keys. As a result, the various types of rekeying, master key, key changing, and duplication are easily done in rapid time. Search for a “locksmith near me” and we’ll be at the top of the ratings list for the Pittsburgh, PA area!

In addition, our locksmiths can provide significant aid in commercial problems by master keying. This process involves creating a singular key, known as a “master key”. It has the unique ability to grant access in multiple places within the commercial building.

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Another popular commercial locksmith service we provide is commercial re-keying. Only the existing key is changed, hence, making old keys useless. Commercial lockouts save time and cost of replacing the entire security system in the commercial space. Our locksmiths can effectively reconfigure the existing keys and create a new key for opening them.

Our expert locksmiths also install access control systems. These systems can control the entire commercial premise. Such systems require high-security keys that can be repaired, replaced, or remade as necessary.

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As well, our primary commercial locksmith services include key cutting and lock-out assistance. If you need to replace a broken or lost key, new keys can be made. Our team can also create duplicate keys, just search “locksmith near me”!

For instant or emergency services, keys can typically be made within an hour. With our expert hands, we can create, duplicate or recreate with record speed, making our commercial locksmith services the best in the Pittsburgh, PA area. For all your commercial key needs, search “locksmith near me” and Masterkey Locksmith will be ready to assist!

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Thomas Wegener
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