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Automotive Locksmith Services

Whether you have lost your keys, locked them in your vehicle, or need a transponder key replacement and programming. Masterkey Locksmith has a team of experienced locksmiths that can assist you with timely and qualified automotive locksmith services. We specialize in unlocking cars and providing immediate assistance. If your child or pet is stuck inside your vehicle, call Masterkey Locksmith now.

Whether you forgot your keys in a locked car, or for some other reason cannot access your car. Here at Masterkey Locksmith, we specialize in helping you get into your car. Home locksmiths produce keys and unlock doors to your house. Commercial locksmiths do the same for offices and industrial buildings. However, car locksmiths specialize mainly in unlocking cars and changing car keys.

Not only can we unlock a locked car, but we also have a wide range of services. We can also make new keys, and remove damaged keys from locks. Moreover, we can even replace a car’s door locks and the entire ignition system. All of our locksmiths are certified and trained to unlock, remove broken keys, and replace and reset car locks and ignitions. Every member of our team is certified and insured and they can perform any locksmith service without damaging your car or any part of it.

Automotive Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services

Masterkey Locksmith commercial locksmith services provide all the safety gear and regular maintenance a business may need. Our commercial locksmith can also provide maintenance or replacement services to keep your locks in good condition at all times. It doesn’t matter if you need to break a lock and install a new one in its place. Our trained locksmiths can also quickly fix that specific problem.

When our locksmiths notice a malfunction in your current lock, they may advise you, the business owner, to upgrade to a newer or more secure version for your business. Our commercial locksmiths are also required to notify the property manager of any issues requiring their attention, encouraging them to invest in repairs or completely replace the lock. That’s why you should seek help from Masterkey Locksmith commercial locksmith as soon as you notice signs that something is wrong. Such as broken locks, faulty access control devices, and even acts of vandalism that could compromise the integrity of your property.

Here at Masterkey Locksmith, we can help install high-quality locks. In addition, we can install access control devices that are effective against forced entry or bypass attempts that harm the company and its customers. Our locksmiths are experienced in installing all popular commercial locks, including repairing some of the less common locks.

We believe in our technicians because we make sure they are all experienced, qualified, and insured locksmiths. Moreover, they go through our rigorous training programs to make sure we truly offer the best commercial locksmith services in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Call Masterkey Locksmith now.

Commercial Locksmith

Residential Locksmith Services

If you need a new lock in your home, call Masterkey Locksmith and ask about our locksmith service. Come on, check the locks around your home, give us a call and ask for our top-notch locksmith service. Our 24/7 team of locksmiths is at the top of the calling list as a trusted security service provider.

We are a full-service locksmith company and are licensed to do all your home locksmith work. We offer 24/7 emergency locksmith services and many more options for homeowners, renters, and owners. Masterkey Locksmith also offers emergency locking assistance, on-site repairs and installations, and other locksmith services to residences in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We have over 10 years of experience providing residential locksmith services. In Addition, we know the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas better than anyone and ensure you get a system that adequately protects your asset.

We offer expert advice to make your home safer and more secure with experienced residential locksmiths. Our services include locks, keys, safes, and installation of entire security systems. At Masterkey Locksmith, our 24/7 locksmith team knows the value of a safe home. We take special care to ensure that our customers and everything that means so much to them are safe and sound. Call Masterkey Locksmith now.

Residential Locksmith

Emergency Services

From key programming to emergency locks, Masterkey Locksmith services are available at a reasonable price and provide tremendous assistance. With over 10 years of reliable auto repair services in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, can provide a first-class solution for everyone who reaches our line. Masterkey Locksmith’s commitment to fair pricing and first-class service has helped us establish ourselves as respected local key makers. We hope you will become one of our satisfied customers once you see what we can do for you. While many other locksmith companies in Pittsburgh offer locksmith services, we are confident that our services are the best.

Our emergency locksmith team is located all over Pittsburgh so we can provide locking assistance quickly when needed. Either way, our emergency locksmiths are trained and qualified to get you into your car quickly, without causing any damage, and get you back on the road. It’s important to have a reliable car lock service that you can rely on in an emergency, and our mobile car lock service can reach you in less than half an hour to assist you. Our locksmith technicians will use the latest industry-approved car unlocking equipment. Our team will get you back to your car, truck, van, or SUV in minutes without damaging your vehicle. Call Masterkey Locksmith now.

Emergency Services
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